Dating for hiv positive updating punkbuster for bf2

Other problems are at play that keep this information from being shouted from the rooftops.Sex education for youth is inadequate in the United States, and info specific to young queer people is nonexistent in most high schools.As a preventative, it’s a powerful option for serodiscordant couples (one positive, one negative) and negative guys who enjoy barrier-free (condomless) sex.

If you’re poz, you’ve been given one major opportunity to rethink your sex — the day you learn you have HIV. A recent survey showed that the average person has 7.2 sex partners in their lifetime, a number I surpass on a good Saturday night.When he does, he’ll start medication as soon as he can.If he takes his meds successfully, he’ll be undetectable. And he’ll be living with HIV — not a predator, not a sex fiend, just someone who had a fun night.It’s hard to even call it a “mistake,” since it’s one every sexually active person makes at some point.

No one should be demonized forever for a “mistake” they make once.I’m coming up on my five-year anniversary with HIV. Medicine isn’t perfect and big pharma is real, but all the rallying, organizing, research, and billions of dollars poured into a virus that hit us suddenly and brutally have accomplished something extraordinary: we are on the cusp of an AIDS-free world.


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