Dating delft tiles

Here we find an unusual display of 500 tiles on the walls (landscape and shepherd tiles from Utrecht, c. This room is decorated with 1,056 Dutch tiles and stuccos made by the Italian artist Baldassare Fontana, around 1698-1702. 1690-1700; landscapes and genre scenes, Amsterdam, c. This room in what is now Wrocław municipal museum has around 2,000 eighteenth-century tiles from various Dutch and Frisian workshops.

The room was originally part of the rich patrician house in Blücherplatz, from where it was moved to its present location in 1898. Two interiors are decorated with tiles: the hall (shepherd, landscape, and biblical tiles, Utrecht, c.

1730-1750) and a former dining-room, now staff room (miscellaneous tiles, primarily made in Makkum, c. This kitchen is now part of a hotel restaurant (the tiles originate from the workshop of Jan van Hulst, Harlingen, c. The kitchen interior in Większyce exemplifies the nineteenth-century historical revival that rekindled interest in Dutch tiles all over Europe, especially in Germany.

The former library of the palace in Mosty (Speck), Pomerania (tiles from Makkum, Tichelaar’s workshop, c. It should also be noted that a factory in Nieborów produced an abundance of imitation Dutch tiles and delftware at the end of the nineteenth century.

From archival inventories, drawings, and etchings, we know of at least twenty Dutch-tiled interiors. With the destruction of the old city centre of Gdańsk at the end of the Second World War, these magnificent rooms were also destroyed.

Today only seven tiled interiors survive in Gdańsk, in the form of reconstructions, using historical tiles or modern replacements.



This means that some of the tiled interiors presented in this article originally belonged to the sphere of German rather Polish culture.The repository of Dutch tiles in present-day Poland has largely remained undiscovered.


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