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When you visit these Facebook pages, check out the number of likes.

They didn’t come upon this high number by accident – but by using their pages to interact with their audience.

Please send us answers to the following questions: Please send all of this to the following email: Are you struggling with getting fans for your FB fan page? Feel free to post your Facebook page below, and tell us how you use it to promote art.

My favorite hobbies and activities are photography, hiking, biking, computers, geocaching, travel, and travel writing.

Low vision rehabilitation is the field of care which is called upon when vision loss no longer responds to a change in eyeglass correction for a significant improvement of vision. Susan Carter, a specialty trained oculofacial plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, provides both cosmetic and reconstructive evaluation and treatment to patients at The Eye Center.

The Eye Center offers traditional and laser cataract surgery with the finest Re STOR, Crystalens and Acry Sof Toric lenses.


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