Consolidating cell business and home phones


The Motorola 'Golden View' set became so popular that within months of its introduction the company was the fourth largest seller of televisions in the nation.

Later in 1947, Motorola bought Detrola, a failing automobile-radio company that had manufactured car radios for the Ford Motor Company.

The purchase was made on the condition that Motorola retain Detrola's contract with Ford.

This deal greatly strengthened the company's automobile-radio business.

Motorola subsequently supplied 50 percent of the car radios for Ford and Chrysler as well as all of the radios for American Motors.


Knowing that war could provide new opportunities, he directed the company's research into areas he felt could be useful to the military. Army Signal Corps, these were among the most important pieces of communications equipment used in World War II.

After two years of rocky operations, the government closed the business for nonpayment of excise taxes.

The former partners, undaunted by this setback, joined forces again three years later when Galvin bought an interest in Stewart's new storage-battery company.

The market for police radios appeared so promising that the company formed a police radio department.


In 1937 Galvin Manufacturing entered the home-radio market, introducing the first push-button tuning features.Nearly 60 percent of Motorola's sales are generated outside the United States.


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