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Confirmatory success could add to Parsley's drilling inventory, as the Company's stated inventory currently ascribes no credit for the Upper Wolfcamp A formation in the Successful execution of an Upper/Lower Wolfcamp A stack test confirmed the presence of two target intervals within the Wolfcamp A formation.


Drilling and completion activity was concentrated in the Delineation Success Roughly half of the wells Parsley brought online in 2Q17 targeted new zones or were drilled and completed with new spacing configurations, resulting in several important delineation milestones.

After 40 days, the Lower Wolfcamp A/Wolfcamp B wells, drilled with one-mile laterals, have produced 26 MBoe on average, in line with the standalone average.

After 50 days, the Upper/Lower Wolfcamp A wells, drilled with two-mile laterals, have produced 65 MBoe on average, or roughly 20% less than the standalone average for that timeframe.

Moreover, compared to a well drilled 660 feet away in the same target formation and completed simultaneously with standard stage spacing, the Louis 4413H has registered 20% higher cumulative production, even with reduced proppant loading that limited incremental well cost to less than 5%.

This cost/benefit relationship implies a compelling economic profile, motivating several additional tests during 2H17." data-reactid="38" with a one-mile lateral, was completed with 50 stages, equating to 100-foot stage spacing versus Parsley's heretofore standard design of 170-foot stage spacing.To date, seven of the eight wells have achieved peak 30-day production rates, which on average are tracking at 84% of the average rate for offset Wolfcamp B wells at 660-foot spacing.


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