Columbia university racial preferences in dating study

In a few cases I could persuade women to meet men of different races, IF the men were totally “ Americanized.” Of course Asian men were difficult to match because, as I previously stated, the one group of women who did not want to meet men of their own race was Asian women.As for Indian men, they were the hardest people to match of any group of men or women of any race.One social science finding which I’ve wondered about over the past few years is the result that women care much more about the race of a potential mate than men do.The fact that individuals tend to want to mate assortatively with those who share their characteristics is no surprise.Again, I am sure there are exceptions to every statement I made in this column. If one goes by the Biblical account, we are all one race, going back to Noah, then further back to Adam. (no offense meant to Vietnamese people by me) They also said often that they liked white and asian mixed kids, which includes my wife currently.On the other hand, if you want “scientific” proof of what I am stating, just Google and download a copy of Columbia University’s Racial Preferences in Dating study. I encouraged our daughters to date white, asian or “hapa” (white/asian mix) boys. They think the mixed kids are more beautiful than asian or caucasion only.A quick reading of both the Times article and the Columbia study seemed to support my own anecdotal findings.


Therefore, almost all of the Asian women in my dating service had a very high Dating Quotient.Most Caucasian women wanted only to meet Caucasian men, the exceptions being women who were more educated and well-traveled, who considered themselves somewhat “worldly.” Of all the races, African-American women were the most insistent about wanting to meet only African-American men.


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    Some of our suggestions would be taking a cooking, art or dance class.

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