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Studio Albums:1986 Look What The Cat Dragged In 1988 Open Up and Say... 1990 Flesh & Blood 1993 Native Tongue 2000 Crack a Smile... "Poison's Greatest Hits," has these songs and all the power ballads.

"Hollyweird" is dominated by lazy rewrites of earlier (more successful) material.

But his best known production was a sex video made with former girlfriend Pamela Anderson.

Ever the gentleman, Michaels, through his attorney, said at the time he was doing everything possible to halt Internet Entertainment's distribution of the video.

They hardly seem in a mood to try anything new - too much work.


The traveler hits the hotel's lounge where a live band is playing. They do a competent version of "Suffragette City" but aren't within five miles of David Bowie's 'lick-'em-while-smiling' swagger.The "Hollyweird" album is for fans with no desire to grow up or out of their taste for Poison. In England, during the '60s, when the economics of the music business were far different, sound-a-likes were recorded to serve the discount music market.


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    With America having a huge population of Shemales and Transsexuals in The United States.

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    This is the second marriage for Noah, who was previously married to makeup artist Tracy Warbin.

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    Appreciate what life still has to offer while you can.

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