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1 Ladies' Detective Agency – believes that Saldana can portray the late artist as long as she gets some serious help in the image department.

In fact, our service is watched by 81% of all children between the ages of 2-8.

Truthfully speaking if I hadn’t found this person before that movie [Precious] I wouldn’t have even be in that movie."] and as I’m paying I see a picture of myself on the cover of a magazine and they’re guesstimating what my weight is?

The headline was 'Gabourey Sidibe 250 pounds'." In that moment she had to deal with not only the cashier seeing the horrible and inaccurate article, but also everyone else in the shop and in other shops. This poor woman murked her hubby after suffering decades of abuse during their 54 year marriage, and the control he had over her was so strong she continued to cook meals for him even after killing him!

According to All Hip Hop, the Browns filed a lawsuit against Ludacris, Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment, and his mother Roberta Shields on October 1st in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas.

They claim they have been using “Disturb The Peace” to sell visual/audio merchandise since 1988.And she likely would have never taken her break out role in Precious if she didn't have this confidence:“I didn’t really get to grow up hearing that I was beautiful a lot, or that I was worth anything nor did I grow up seeing myself on TV.


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