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I must be honest, I only wear my plastic mac when it's raining and just carry it if the rain stops.I love your photos on Flickr and other sites such as pinterest and I have read your comments on Rainwear Central.Like most women, I suppose she feels comfortable wearing what other women are also wearing, not wanting to be classed as "odd". Hello G, I certainly consider myself extremely lucky that my wife tolerated macs for about 15 years or more, As you say, I did get accused of liking macs more than her.I accept that women are unable to understand how strong the attraction to macs can be.Those memories of Blackpool remind me of all the plastic macs in shops in Skegness.The Lake District was always goood for plastic macs. Hi Jeff good to hear from you I have had a thing for macs since infant school a teacher came to school in a transparent one and I have been hooked ever since it takes a exceptional understanding women to accept it and they are very rare you are lucky Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply.



Well, my see-through plastic mac certainly had some use over the past fortnight !

My wife and I are also going to the Lake District and New Quay, west Wales over the next few weeks so I am expecting my plastic macs to get some use.


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    I clicked on report and another option asked if I was sure.

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