Beijing dating website boyfriend has online dating profile

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) launched a campaign in 2015 targeting dating sites which are involved in fraud and illegal operations.

The CAC shut down 128 dating sites and ordered 20 more to suspend business and go through rectification, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.


While dating sites encourage members to submit real information, they are incapable of verifying most users' claims as members can easily alter their personal information.

A Jiayuan customer service employee told the Global Times reporter posing as a member that the ID information provided by users is verified by the Chaoyang district internet police.

"But all the other information, including marital status, properties and employment cannot be verified.

Members involved in either of these things will be banned from using the site again, the employee said.


However, several Beijing media outlets have reported that fake and altered ID information can get through the Jiayuan verification process.

The two conditions are promising not lend money to other members and refusing one-night stands.


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