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She said she had no idea her daughter was involved in Satan worship until after her death when she found a Satanic bible in her room.Crown attorneys Lynn Saunders and Shannon Curry will be back in court Feb. The PM said he was confident late counting would reveal a Coalition majority, but Cassidy said while, "historically ...they [the Coalition] do marginally better with postal votes", a majority was not likely."That would be a remarkable result from where they sit at the moment. "The most ambitious aim would be to get to 75 and try and persuade one or two [of the crossbenchers] to give them emotional if not practical support. We are well and truly in hung Parliament territory." "Hung parliament territory" means neither the Coalition or the Labor Party are likely to reach the 76-seat quota required to form government.Labor wants to abolish negative gearing for established houses from next year, which it claims will make housing more affordable.The Coalition has criticised Labor's plan, saying it would discourage investment, raise rents and reduce home values.Remember, before the election: "The Senate is straightforward enough, 19 crossbenchers, nine of them will be from the Greens. "Let's say the Coalition emerges in the House of Representatives, the simple equation for them [when trying to pass legislation], if they can't get Labor and the Greens ...



Australia has more than two million property investors, and more than 60 per cent made a loss in the 2013-14 financial year. If someone earned a wage of ,000, for example, negative gearing would cut their taxable income to ,000.

Negative gearing allows property investors who make a loss on running their property to reduce the tax they pay on other income.

The Coalition parties have promised not to change the current negative gearing laws, which apply to established and new houses or apartments.

Despite the Prime Minister's confidence postal votes can secure the Coalition a majority, Insiders host and political analyst Barrie Cassidy says he "can't see that happening" and we are "well and truly in hung parliament territory".

The swing away from the Coalition and the loss of several key marginal seats is bad news for the Prime Minister.The independent member for the Tasmanian seat of Denison has retained his seat for a third term.


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