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It has in fact become an abomination in many African countries for people from certain “rival” tribes to get married.

Sadly, beautiful young women are missing the opportunity to get married to men they love, all in the name of tradition or tribal hatred.

She was very embarrassed about what happened and it had a very negative effect on her.

My friend really likes what I'm doing and is supportive of it.'I roped in my daughter to put some make-up on me for the photo as Julian.

Disappointingly, the few that are available tend to date and marry people of other races usually to get legal status.’ Again due to lack of trust for western-based African women who are generally perceived to be arrogant, argumentative, disrespectful, non-submissive and dishonest or unfaithful, other men go to look for women partners in their various home countries.

Soon enough these conmen start contacting you as they see you active.'I always report them to Facebook but often there's nothing they can do because they've not yet committed a crime. He got to the point where he was very angry indeed and he did everything from rant and rage to grovel.Mr Walker said: 'Anyone who falls victim to these conmen would lose their money but they would also suffer the embarrassment of having fallen for something like this. It really can have a terrible effect on someone.'I hope that by doing it some of them might get put off from doing it if I cause them enough hassle.


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