Amber portwood dating sex offender

Then Amber discussed the sex tape news, confirming that "It's in consideration," but that she had still not decided one way or another. We'll find out when she does, and it sounds like she doesn't even know the answer herself yet. But I'm a business person." Amber would reportedly make ,000 from the tape, as well as 35 percent of the profits, which could amount to a big payday.

She said, bless her heart, that "I am not strapped for cash. She claims she'd use the money for a good cause, fulfilling her dream of opening a bunch of rehab centers worldwide.

On July 19, police revealed that they had found a videotape of the assault (see "Mystikal Videotaped Alleged Rape, Police Say").

After numerous meetings with the state prosecutor, Mystikal's lawyer J.



In the original report, we heard that Amber and Matt had a meeting earlier this month with Vivid Entertainment to discuss the possibility of making some good old-fashioned reality star porn.

The state did not bring the tape up to the judge; he asked to see the tape before sentencing." Though he is convinced he could have withdrawn Mystikal's guilty plea and started a new trial, Bourdin said he decided not to do so because the charges against his client would have been escalated back to aggravated rape.


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