All of the playlists selected for updating

This totally defeats the purpose of a playlist that automagically updates my i Phone with the last 100 added, or top rated songs. Alas, after following a suggestion from this discussion thread (Thanks Dave Jelfs! In fact there’s even a bonus side effect for those who only want to sync music, and not video within your playlists. Ctrl Click on the playlist and select “Edit Smart Playlist” A new window will appear with all the settings for that particular playlist. While is is a workaround it does allow for the playlist to be synced, auto updated and appear sorted as you wish on the i Phone.

Add a new rule of ‘Playlist is Music’ You’ll notice ‘Live updating’ is still on. Like my previous troubleshooting articles I hope this post will be quickly updated when Apple roles out a fix.

From there, click on the actual word added in the column header to group all the files by the date they were added to in the software.

This will list all the new files you just imported into the program and you can then drag/drop the files into whatever crates they belong in. You can also import your newly added files by temporarily checking the Show i Tunes Library option.

After updating to version 0.7.1, all my local songs disappeared from my phone.

When I'm trying to sync my playlists I choose "Manually choose playlists to sync", but Spotify jumps back to the "Sync all music files to this device" option once I've selected a playlist.

In this example I've created a 'Party Bangers' and 'Trill Bass' crate. Select all the files in a particular playlist by clicking on one file in the playlist and holding down control A (Windows) or command A (Mac).Many people have invested a lot of time organizing their music in i Tunes but would like to stop relying on i Tunes to import their files into Serato DJ, thus alleviating issues that can come along with having Serato DJ reading an i Tunes library.


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