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It was the crazy Eighties, the decade of avarice, greed and introducing that into the world; greed is good and the whole thing from Gecko in Wall Street.I thought it was a very socio-political statement, which is why rappers took to it. I know a lot of people who don’t deal drugs who are inspired by it.Even at 75, he has the brash confidence of youth, and yet his escapades of yesteryear provides the chorus to his oratory.He makes jumps into the past with the voracity of Doctor Who.Speaking about the director of his new film Manglehorn, he says: “When David Gordon Green came to me with the script, I thought I would be interested in any movie working with such a good director.” And then he jumps of his own volition.“The first Godfather, Francis [Ford Coppola] wanted me and nobody else wanted me.

Does Pacino feel that his film has impacted culture in a negative way?Manglehorn was filmed in Austin, the home of the reclusive director Terrence Malick.Pacino and his co-star Hunter would meet up with Malick in their breaks. The greatness of his performances mean that sometimes the roles that he has played have taken on lives of their own.The couple's off-again-on-again relationship lasted through all three parts of the trilogy, and ended, according to some, when she made an ultimatum: marry or break-up.

Keaton's memoir highlights another potential cause: her recurring bulimia, which according to her, caused the end of her relationship with Woody Allen.

His Italian-American parents divorced when he was two.


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