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President and Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldstein sold 4,184 shares at at .08 per share for a total value of 1,094.19.

In sum, these insider traders sold ,249,993 of company stock.

This ship never should have sailed on without a rigorous inspection after the fire.

The photographs clearly show that the ship sustained major damage.


He also downplayed the effect of this serious medical problem, which is believed to cause abnormally underdeveloped heads (microcephaly) in newborn children. Goldstein said: "We are not aware that we ever saw any sort of impact on the business and it doesn't seem to be a conversation today." This is an interesting perspective. At that time, he joined other cruise line executives dumping RCL stock.Yesterday, another financial show on CNBC, Jim Cramer's MAD MONEY, suggested that although cruise lines deny that the Zika virus has affected their operations to date, it will severely impact cruising in the coming months. Royal Caribbean chairman Richard Fain sold 151,032 shares of his cruise line's stock for ,650,151 at an average price of .40 a share.Royal Caribbean's General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Bradley Stein sold 2,402 shares of the company stock for for a total value of 8,748.70.Royal Caribbean President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Adam Goldstein (photo, to the right) sold 120,000 shares of his company's cruise stock on August 2 and 3, 2017.

The stock was sold at an average price of 8.21 for a total sale of ,185,200.00, according to the SEC.If the executives had shut the ship down in Jamaica for the mandatory SOLAS inspection, this would have resulted in tens of millions of dollars spent by the company on lodging, airfare of all passengers back to Miami and cruise refunds to over 4,000 people which would have had a material negative effect on the company's stock.


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