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Macy’s previously said that it would close 100 store locations to shift more resources to its digital channels and its highest-performing store locations.The 68 closings are part of the 100 closures announced this past summer.The ongoing shift in focus toward digital channels comes with a high cost for legacy retailers — Macy’s said that it expects to lose 5 million in sales this year because of the 68 store closings — but investing sufficiently in a digital presence is no longer optional as the e-commerce market grows larger.E-commerce has been on the rise in the last several years, thanks in large part to titans in the industry such as Amazon and Alibaba.A new report, published by internet domain registrar Go Daddy, shows that over half of those who successfully launch a business while holding down another job make between £500 and £5,000 in extra income each year.Some 48 per cent of those who start a “side hustle” do so to develop – and often monetise – a passion or hobby.I must say that since the time of my move-in here, there has been some improvement in the attitude of the consultants and the overall maintenance of the place. Pools, spas, GYM, the landscape are just awesome and being maintained properly.




The leasing agents as well as the maintenance staff are so nice and friendly. Overall, I would recommend the development to a friend. With residential real estate values escalating like no other time I can recall, the Heights was a terrific find for my family. mmc This is a well kept, quiet and secure residence that I enjoy.

And thanks to technology and the rising popularity of flexible working, the trend towards having multiple streams of income is expected to rise over the coming years.


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