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Majoritatea tancurilor folosite de Aliați erau însă victime sigure în cazul unei lovituri.

Succesul aruncătorului de grenade Panzerschreck a condus la apariția variantei îmbunătățite a Bazooka, denumită M20 Super Bazooka.

First, the apo-state crystal structure of W619_1-LOV at 2.5 Å resolution reveals conformational rearrangements in the secondary structure elements lining the chromophore pocket including elongation of the Fα helix, shortening of the Eα-Fα loop and partial unfolding of the Eα helix.

Second, the apo W619_1-LOV protein binds both natural and structurally modified flavin chromophores.

Încărcătorul trebuia să stea la o distanță sigură de trăgător pentru a nu suferi arsuri grave.


Niciuna dintre aceste variante nu a intrat în producție.For the rational design and implementation of LOV proteins as optical tools, characterization of all relevant structural states as well as detailed knowledge of events leading to allosteric signaling between sensor and effector domains is required.We recently reported crystal structures of both dark and fully light-adapted states of the FMN containing Pp SB1-LOV protein, illustrating light-induced conformational changes that support a rotary switch signaling mechanism, which share 89% sequence identity (Fig.In most cases, structural data on the light state is obtained from crystals grown in dark that were subsequently exposed to light (here termed photoexcited state), which allows FMN-cysteinyl adduct formation in the crystal, thus providing important information on the light-dependent conformational changes in the vicinity of the chromophore.


Due to the crystal packing constraints, however, this approach limits large conformational changes in tertiary and quaternary structure such as reported for the fully-adapted light state crystal structures of VVD from Neurospora crassa and Aureochrome 1a (Pt Au1a) from Phaeodactylum tricornutum where the crystals were grown under continuous light.

În ciuda rezultatelor foarte bune obținute de acest aruncător de grenade antitanc, armata germană dorea să renunțe la acest tip de armă spre sfârșitul războiului din cauza costurilor mai mari de producție în comparație cu modelul Panzerfaust.



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